Telecommunications - Comtec

The company, based in Stuhr near Bremen, was founded on the 26th of June 1975 and has since then been manufacturing and selling accessories for cable and telecommunications technology.
Comtec GmbH, originally an American subsidiary of Communication Technology Corporated, became an independent German company in 1986 and has since then successfully operated worldwide.

For whom?

The company's products are used by network operators, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers, electrical companies and wholesalers, as well as many local companies involved in the expansion and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

Company Mission

Customer satisfaction has been and still is Comtec GmbH's business principle and is constantly being checked for improvement possibilities, also within the framework of the Quality Management System.

Among the many products that Comtec offers, we can distinguish among others:

Wide range of screen continuity connectors selected according to the purpose and thickness of the cable armouring.

Telecommunications - KRONE

The basis of the offer are connection solutions remaining in the portfolio of Commscope (formerly TE Connectivity),
a leading global provider of connection technologies and products for electronic, network and telecommunications components. In the field of copper technology, the supplier offers complete solutions for the construction of telecommunications networks, using products based on the LSA PLUS high-speed connection technology.

Tailored to your needs

The diversity, high quality of components as well as their modular and universal character ensure the possibility of application at any point of the telecommunication network, creating a flexible system allowing for precise adjustment of the configuration to current and future needs of users.

Extensive offer

The following is offered within the framework of copper technology: connection elements for analogue and digital transmission, products for xDSL and FTTH G.Fast technologies, MDF and DDF station construction, cable end cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications, lightning protection and overvoltage and overcurrent protection and a wide range of installation and operating accessories. The offer is complemented by a group of Commscope enclosure solutions (technology obtained from TE Connectivity) designed to protect copper connectors in various environmental conditions, in aerial, ground and duct networks.

Solutions offered:

  • copper analogue telecommunications networks
  • copper digital telecommunications networks
  • copper telecommunications networks in x-DSL technology
  • copper telecommunications networks in FTTH G.Fast technology
  • MDF and DDF station constructions
  • lightning as well as overvoltage and overcurrent protections for telecommunications networks
  • station systems for installing MDF and DDF points
  • external switching points of copper telecommunications networks.

TE Connectivity Catalogue


Telecommunications - ERKO

ERKO is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of cable terminals and connectors as well as tools for electrical works in Poland. Our own design offices, advanced production technology and modern and comprehensive machinery allow us to react quickly to individual customer needs.

ERKO Catalogue


3M solutions for the construction and maintenance of electrical installations

3M provides reliable, innovative solutions for cable repair and maintenance, cable handling, power cord connection, insulation, sealing, location, tagging, connection/grounding, cable repair, as well as fire resistant products that protect against electric arcs and ensure the safety and protection of workers.

In the field of cable accessories, 3M offers interior and aerial heads, shielded connector heads, through and transition closures, as well as a whole range of different types of electrical insulating materials

All currently known assembly technologies are represented in this equipment, from tape to the innovative Cold Shrink™ technology. It has been developed by 3M using an innovative approach to the assembly process and high quality materials. Introduced in the mid-70s, it is still an alternative to thermal shrink technology.

The cold shrink equipment meets the requirements and needs of users such as:

simplification of the installation procedure in order to minimize the possibility of making mistakes thanks to the use of prefabricated elements
elimination of all additional tools
high reliability of the equipment achieved through the procedure of individual testing of each prefabricated product during the production process.

Wide range of products

In 3M's electrical product range we can find low, medium and high voltage cable accessories, including but not limited to cable and cord through and transition closures, cable and connector heads, Cold Shrink™ technology, heat shrink tubes, cable connectors, lubricants, aerosols and coatings and more.

Modern technologies in the energy sector


Repair and maintenance products


Electrotechnical tapes


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