3MTM DynatelTM Locators

The most difficult locations within your reach.
Quick and accurate identification of underground installations.
Cable, pipe, wire, EMS location tape and EMS-iD electronic markers locators
3MTM DynatelTM locators combine simple interfaces, high resolution large backlit graphics, excellent balance and ergonomics with the ability to accurately locate, helping to quickly and precisely identify underground installations.

Wide range of applications:

3MTM DynatelTM locators can be used for routing cables and pipes, detecting cable sheath damage, making accurate depth measurements, probe detection, locating buried electronic markers and EMS location tape, reading and writing data in EMS-iD markers and creating digital maps in GIS systems.

The rich range of 3MTM DynatelTM locators includes devices ranging from very simple to the most advanced configurations containing all the necessary functions to locate the route, damages and EMS markers, meeting the expectations of particularly demanding users.

3MTM DynatelTM Markers

The 3MTM EMS electronic tagging system is one of the most effective ways of marking underground infrastructure. 3M™ markers work even in the presence of metal cable ducts, pipes, metal conduits, fences, power lines and electronic markers for other media.

Compliance with APWA Standards

All EMS markers are colour coded according to APWA Standards. Each marker has a unique frequency depending on the type of infrastructure being tagged. For example, telecommunication lines are always marked in orange.
The signals emitted by the EMS ensure error-free identification of each network element and significantly reduce the risk of accidental damage during earthworks.

3M™ Electronic Marker System

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Dynatel™ 2273M, 2273M-iD


Dynatel™ type 2273E5 locator


Intelligent Spherical Marker System 1400 EMS-iD


EMS Electromagnetic Marker System


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